This is the online shop for www.imaginasia.co.uk. A first glimpse for the West into the hidden world of contemporary Chinese art. A first chance to experience an exciting new aesthetic that combines artistic tradition stretching back thousands of years with the technological innovations of today. Browse through our range of sculptures to find the perfect piece to enhance any setting whilst providing a feeling of elegance and design.  Although we are an online shop, we also have premises in Nottingham where you are welcome to view any of our stunning pieces by appointment only.  Please email enquiry@imaginasia.co.uk to arrange to view these exclusive sculptures.




We are exhibiting our sculptures at the:
WEDNESDAY 1ST MAY: 9.30 AM - 5.30 PM
THURSDAY 2ND MAY: 9.30 AM - 5.30 PM
F R E E    D E L I V E R Y   O N   O R D E R S   O V E R   £ 1 5 0
Featured Products
Small Jaguar - Bronze

Small Jaguar - Bronze£35.00

Eternal Spiral - Entwined

Eternal Spiral - Entwined£1,495.00



Harmony Single Apple - White

Harmony Single Apple - White£195.00

Contemplation Bronze Colour

Contemplation Bronze Colour£190.00

Galactic - Bronze Colour

Galactic - Bronze Colour£255.00

Elegance Stainless Steel

Elegance Stainless Steel£585.00